Monday, November 24, 2008


So for the past few days there has been a new word in our house to be heard round the world...........Ayudame (I hope I spelt that right). Okay so here is the story. I will be going about my usual day when suddenly Zoe yells out "Ayudame, Ayudame mommy"! I can not stop laughing. So now that she knows how to ask for help in spanish does that make her bilingual?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Success At Last.......

Well at least for him who shall remain nameless. For months now Mike has been intentionally trying to ruin our computer so that he can have an excuse to buy a new one. For those of you who think I am exagerating I can assure you that this is no lie. Alas he has finally begun to see success. Our computer has completed malfunctioned in both of our USB ports and we cannot seem to fix it. The result no pictures to blog about. I know I know you can go ahead and cry with me. I will see if I can convince him that without blogging I will have nothing to live for! Wish me luck! Hopefully we will soon have pictures to update you on our three week excursion to Utah.