Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last and Final Sickness update. (As if you want one)

So I am finally feeling better I am assuming it will stay that way since it has been 12 hours since I had a fever. I went to the ER last night got some IV fluids and another dose of medicine and am feeling like a new woman! so no more posts about whiny me!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Traveling Woes!

Okay so we just got into Utah last night and I unfortunately had to put the girls to bed and then go to the hospital! I apparently traveled here with pneumonia and teh antibiotics I was on weren't helping. 4 days later I am still running a fever have burning lungs and seriously want to curl up and cry but the show must go on and I am grateful for all teh help Mike and My familia (mostly my mom) have been! Thanks guys! Seriously taking two antibiotics at teh same time seems to be helping a little hopefully we can get out to see everyone soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Lucky Duck!

Okay so for once I will post mostly about Mike and I!
First off I haven't given my mothers day post mostly because the day in and of itself was not so hot and I needed time to forget it. The night before I stayed up till midnight ( I didn't get home until 10) working on Zoe's talk (coloring pictures). Around 1 am is when Isa decided she was done sleeping and didn't feel well enough to at least be up and happy so she cried, mike cried and I certainly cried! Mike finally resigned to the couch around 2:30 (he had to work the next two days). I continued the battle of wills until around 5 am I pulled her into bed with me where she finally settled in and fell asleep around 5:30. Ever since Isa has been on all of the meds she is on sleep is precious and rarely seen by me so thank goodness Zoe is such a good kid because when she woke up and found me in bed with Isa without waking us she shut the door, went in the living room and turned on the TV (I always keep it on PBS). Isa awoke at 8:30 ready to take on the day.......I was not so ready. We quickly got some breakfast and I hurried and finished working on my lesson for Relief Society. After I got both kids ready I went to finish myself and wouldn't you know it little Ms Isa found an apple and started munching away only to completely stain the front of her dress with orangeish juices! We changed and finally got to church 20 minutes late! From there I helped Zoe with her talk then let Isa run around until it was time for Relief Society. Can I just remind you that Isa had only had about 7 hours of sleep and I had only had 3. She was cranky and I don't think there is a word to describe how I felt. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE ELDERS QUORUM!!! They had planned a surprise lunch for the moms during Relief Society so there would be no lesson. It was taco salad and desert. The best thing that had ever happened at this point! Unfortunately I still had to deal with a naughty 1 year old while we ate so it was a little frustrating but thank goodness I didn't have to make dinner or we would have had hotdogs! So there you have it. Now for the good stuff Mike had given me a beautiful bouquet of flowers the day before a book that I have really been wanting to read and a massage at a local spa! Seriously that massage hit the spot! Thanks babe for everything you do for me!
Now for Mike. Mike recently promoted to Captain (May 15th) so you can officially call him Captain Hall! We are so very proud of our him! He has had to accomplish a lot over teh years to get to this point! He has had many obstacles thrown at him but managed to surface unscathed! He is a wonderful daddy, husband and friend and he always keeps us on our toes! We love you Mike! Also Mike gave the girls cute little presents for being there for him over the last few years of this crazy adventure (after all we have moved cross country 3 times in four years). He also gave me a beautiful diamond necklace that I love wearing. We can't wait to see whats in store for us next!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Playing dressup with the girls. I am not so sure why Zoe doesn't look happy in the pick she was having a blast while we did it.

Zoe about Isa: "Momma I call her Eeeeess! Eeeees is her name."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Family Circus!

So recently we went to the Shriners Circus which can i just say I was quite intrigued by the acrobats and so were the girls they could have cared less about the dancing tigers and dogs or even the "magic" show for that matter. This is them watching the circus!
We also took the girls on a pony ride and Zoe got to go on an elephant ride! She thought that was awesome!Despite the fact that the "picture with the dogs in car" Indian dude who didn't speak english kept yelling at me and tried to have me removed from the circus becasue he couldn't understand what I was saying, it was a lot of fun!The girls love to play dress up as any good girl should. here are some pics of them playing dress up with Madi. Don't think for a minute that Isa misses out on any of this stuff. She follows these girls from room to room trying to do everything that they do and has a blast!
The girls have also been dressing up in their halloween costumes which is hilarious especially when they make the animal noises!
After all this fun wouldn't you know Zoe was to tired to wait for me to put Isa to bed so that she could go to bed. Literally ten minutes passed and this is what I found!