Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun in the Sun: Utah Style!!

We had lots of fun in the sun while we were in Utah. It was so nice to be somewhere where we didn't ahve to guess as to whether or not it was a shorts and T-shirt day or a light coat day.
First we went to the Thanksgiving point petting zoo. The girls always love it here!

We had to make the most of our picture in the parking lot because I couldn't get the girls to hold still long enough to get a good one with me inside.
Zoe and Isa loved riding the horses! They both were pretty sad when they had to say goodbye!
Look at this chica! She really knows how to ride in style!
Isa loved petting every animal she came across.
What a cute kiddie I have!
In the little jail house. the next house was a mock theatre and we total got Zoe to do her happy feet dance. It was awesome!
Petting the cows.
I took the girls to discovery park in Pleasant Grove with a picnic and Aunt Allee and they had a blast.
I have always wanted to take the girls to this park and we finally did it. They had so much fun I could barely get them to stop for a picture.
Zoe is such a sweet girl she will always strike a pose!
Oh what to say about this one. I had packed Strawberries in our lunch and well the combination of Isa and warm strawberries from the sun created this fantastic pic!
Nana was so much fun with the girls. We filled up a little pool one day in teh front yard and the girls had a blast!

Anyone who knows my parents knows that they are avid gardners. They always have this awesome garden that supplies most of the neighborhood with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and all the herbs anyone could ever want. Zoe spent the day with my parents and Mike gardening and it looks like they did a pretty good job!
The garden in the beginning. It used to be a lot bigger but once the twins went on their missions my parents lost their free labor so they had to cut back.
Zoe and poppa in the garden. My girls love their poppa!
Zoe planting flowers!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

As if there were any question as to why Zoe is a daddy's girl!

These two are pretty funny. What is it about little girls and the bond they have with their daddy. I can't quite explain it so maybe this will do it justice. PS soon to come more trip pics.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


We have added new fabrics to our store at Over that last two months we have sold nearly 300 wipe cases alone and have had orders to India, Singapore, Canada, England, Denmark and Austrailia and all over the US. We are now wholesaling to 3 boutiques! These are a hot ticket item so be sure to check it out.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the words of Zoe "We Saw The Yellow Stones"

So we are finally back from our two month vacay and grateful to be home. So in true blog spirit I will be updating everyone who is interested on the trip. First off let me just say that I came down with pneumonia the night before we left so the pics of yellowstone are not so hot of me. So just picture me at my best (5'10" lucious brown long locks, legs to die for and a body even barbie would be jealous of)!
Here we are at Yellowstone we just took the second day of the vacation and hit some hot spots then headed on down to Utah for day 3.