Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the words of Zoe "We Saw The Yellow Stones"

So we are finally back from our two month vacay and grateful to be home. So in true blog spirit I will be updating everyone who is interested on the trip. First off let me just say that I came down with pneumonia the night before we left so the pics of yellowstone are not so hot of me. So just picture me at my best (5'10" lucious brown long locks, legs to die for and a body even barbie would be jealous of)!
Here we are at Yellowstone we just took the second day of the vacation and hit some hot spots then headed on down to Utah for day 3.


KTLADY said...

Well you look pretty smokin' hot for having pneumonia!! Looks like fun!!

The Schooley's said...

Holy fun vacay!! Loved the pix. And you do look pretty smokin' hot for having pneumonia.