Thursday, June 26, 2008


So for those of you who are thinking that my blog is turning into a praise my family blog it really isn't. Life just seems to be leading me to blog about these things going on in our lives. Little Miss Zoe has been having a few tests done at the Docs lately and can I say this girl really is fearless! They had to draw some blood from her so they brought an extra guy to help hold her down. They stuck her and she didn't even flinch! I tell ya, even when I get blood drawn I want to kick and scream the whole way and then of course cry (lets be honest sometimes I do cry). I even tell them not to tell me when they are going to do it. She did awesome they thought it was hilarious that she didn't even care. She thought the band aid was a sticker and well we were on our way. I love this little chicky so much! She makes me laugh every day. I don't think I could ask for a sweeter girl! Make sure to check out her Zoe ism's and you will see why I laugh so much with her. She sounds like the little shake n bake girl that says "It's shake n bake and I helped"

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well for days now I have been telling myself to write this post! I am certain that you all think that your husband is the best. I do not doubt that even some of you believe it but ... let me just say that you are wrong because that position has been filled by Mike. He is one awesome dude! This man can do it all. He is currently working about 70+ hours a week and taking classes to finish his masters which is another 12 hours on top of that. Some how with all this he still finds time to remodel our house! I knew this house was going to be a project but I never could have anticipated how tedious it was going to be! This week he cut out and installed an egress window in our basement (can you believe that! seriously crazy I know). He has never complained about it though. Despite my constant whining (and I asure you it is constant) he still has not complained about not having enough time in the day! He has turned out to be the jack of all trades. Many of you know that my man can move like a pro on any dance floor but he also knows how to fix pretty much anything on a house! In fact he has somehow turned into a neighborhood handyman! His best talent though has got to be his Daddy skills!
He is always having fun with the girls and making them laugh (No easy feat when you are exhausted). Zoe loves her daddy, even when she wakes up in the middle of the night she rarely cries for me it is usually "Daddy". Isa laughs so hard everytime he gets going with his silly giggles. She thinks he is so cool she can't help but smile everytime she sees him.
I love this man! I may complain sometimes (Cut a girl some slack I'm not the perfect one) but he treats me pretty good and I couldn't ask for more. Thanks babe for all you do I love ya!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Isa is 6 months now so I thought I would do a post all about Isa. She had her Dr.'s appointment on Friday and we found out she weighs 19 pounds 4 ounces, is 26 1/2 inches long and well her head is still over the 100 percentile (what can I say I guess she gets that from me, according to the doc anyway)! She is such an awesome baby! We have so much fun with her. She is always happy loves and loves to giggle! Zoe can never seem to get enough of her. Wherever the baby is you will find Zoe also, especially if it means laying on the floor under a jungle gym! Isa is a great sleeper. All I do is wrap her up put her paci in her mouth and shut the door and the girl is out for the count! She loves to eat which is probably why she is a such a full figured woman. Here are some pics to help you see how far she has come!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So Long, Farewell

Okay so I just have to start out by confessing something so ridiculous that I hope it gives you all a good laugh. I caught myself feeling something just now when I was preparing to update the blog. I was feeling guilt because i was about to move these pictures of the "most beautiful children ever" (I think that obviously because I am the mom and because its true, right?!?) to the next space down on the blog. They will no longer be at the top even though I am replacing them with more pictures. So then of course I had to give myself a little reality check. Hello I am seriously lame! I can't even believe that it brought a tear to my eye to do this. So if you find me checked into a mental institute for losing my mind you will all be witness as to how it all began...

Anyway so here is the scoop! Zoe has this little friend named Maddy. Her grandparents live down the street and she comes to visit every other weekend but for the last three weeks has been here the whole time. Zoe got so used to playing with her every day and going to the Zoo with her that now that she is back home my mornings go like this every morning:

me: "Hi there sweet pea did you sleep good?"

Zoe: "I wanna go see Maddy"

me: "Maddy went back home"

Zoe: "See animals, see maddy"

me: "Maddy isn't here but we can see the animals"

Zoe: "Seeeeeeeeee Maddy?"

me: "Maddy isn't here"

Zoe: "Seeeeeeeeee Maddy?"

Obviously it is a very intelligent conversation that only the educated would understand so I will summarize...ZOE MISSES MADDY! So here is our ode to there friendship.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Its official, our little Isa is not so little anymore! She is growing by the minute and doing it with style I might add. She is now old enough to try out some new toys so this week we gave them a whirl. She absolutely loves them and I have found a new source of independence. Can I just say Sweet! I might actually get to catch up on my house now!
She also started eating solid foods this week and well for those of you who have gone through this phase you know that it can be a challenge. With Zoe we fought her to eat solids from the very beginning. I have been worried that this same thing would happen with Isa and thats when I realized. My life has been blessed! Thats right you heard me right! What is this blessing you ask, well the first time I fed Isa solids it was Carrots and she ate the whole jar without pausing and it has been this way ever since.

Now Ms Zoe this week has been as usual a handful. I think we are finally done taking naps and I have wanted to cry for two days because of this. The night time was becoming unbearable with her not going to sleep and waking up a million times (I know you think that is an exaggeration but I counted and its not) so the obvious solution to Mike was no nap. I must have been in denial because I am still not sure thats the way to go! She is of course still so dang cute so what can you do. we spent some time at a work picnic and she could not contain herself with all the excitement. thats all for now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Okay so do you ever have those moments where you think man I wish that were me right now. This happens to me on fairly regular basis with my kids and Mike! I was busy in the kitchen making dinner and cleaning. The girls and Mike were in the living room trying to "stay out of my hair" (whatever that means, I just say that cause my mom used to). So here is the before and after photos of what I found. This was all while watching the Lion King. I slipped Isa out in the middle to eat and take a nap. Life must be rough! So the real question is how in the world when I battle Zoe all day to sit still and be good and then later to battle her to take a nap does Mike just waltz in and have this happen?! All I can say is at least someone in this family has the magic touch!