Friday, September 18, 2009

When Daddy's in Charge!

Okay so recently I have been a little out of commission and good ol Mike stepped up to the plate. For two weeks he did most everything for the girls and the house which was pretty awesome if you ask me. Here are some pics of what you can expect when Mikes in charge.

Nothing like playing on the tramp with the sprinklers.....this definitely calls for goggles

First of all notice the marker all over the kids and second they pretty much had chips and salsa for lunch 50% of the time.Little girls falling asleep in doorways instead of beds.Yes that is a strawberry marshmallow and yes she is dipping it in chipotle ranch salad dressing.

Don't worry Zoe has the salad that goes to that dip and lucky charms for dinner. Interesting how all the marshmallows are gone and nothing else is.

Nothing like riding a cow in just a diaper with what we lovingly call Isa's curly hair.....Crazy Hair.Faling asleep in the car with your goggles on.Falling asleep in your bed with your goggles never know when you might need them. Seriously what kind of dreams is this kid having?Lazy days of eating lunch......The perfect place on a chair in the living room where we just put brand new carpet !Isa taking notes on how to be a nosey neighbor from our own personal nosey neighbor! Just kidding Gerald we love ya.

And there you have it. It would be rude though if I did not share teh gratitude I have for a husband willing to take on the daddy daycare for two weeks.....You rock babe!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!!

So a few days ago Mike turned the big 30!!! I know seriously can you believe it is already here. I had these grand plans of throwing him a huge party to celebrate ........ unfortunately someone else had different plans because I came down with Strep and mono (hence the blogging hiatis). Instead we had some neighbors over for some icecream cake and a firepit night and I gave Mike his present.....drum roll please.....he got a GUN CABINET! I know I know you are all jealous.

I just want to publicly brag about the man on his day (belated day). Mike is awesome! As you can see there is never a dull moment with this guy. He is a very hard worker and the past week has proved it. I have been pretty out of commission so he has taken on the responsibility of the girls and the house, thank goodness. He is always doing something on the house to make it a more comfortable place for us to live (currently we are finishing the basement pictures to come). He always goes out of his way to help anyone in need and is never afraid to share the gospel with those that haven't heard it yet. Happy B-Day Mike we love ya!