Saturday, January 31, 2009

I followed the trail to find the Perp!

So the other day I had some errands to run and left Mike home with the girls! He wanted to go outside to "work" on our snow situation so he bundled the girls up and took them out with him! It was our first day in quite a while where one would even consider doing this based on teh temp outside! This is what I found when I came home! One Frozen Snow Angel!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Got A Big Treat!!!!

Okay so as a lot of you know we have been trying to potty train our beautiful little Zoe for quite some time now. She wasn't openly against potty training she just wouldn't do it. Number 2 was the hardest for us so that has been our hold up. I will have you all know that after many pleadings from me, Mike begging and Zoe saying "Oh man, sowy mom" We are officially on our way. We still have an accident here and there but I feel I can official say we are potty trained!! YIPPEE for me. Now I just need to figure out how to tell her she doesn't get a "BIG TREAT" every time she goes!
Isa's newest favorite thing is to put on sunglasses (actually any glasses her favorites have no lenses). She always pushes them up in the middle like a little old grandma.
Our sweet little Isa has finally decided that she would like to start walking. We have only had a sequence of about 4-6 steps so far but as we all know once that happens there is no stopping them. I am so excited for her to be able to play like her big sister which has really been the reason why she decided to start venturing out! She gets so excited everytime she takes steps and usually falls over due to her celebratory giggling and clapping! What a doll this little one has turned into!Okay so for all of you competitors in Utah who have had a lot of snow this year... check out the winter we have had. They haven't had this much snow since 1916 (literally we looked it up). There has been 51 inches of snow so far this winter with a promise of more to come. It may not sound like that much but when it never (and do I mean never) melts it creates quite the problem. Our roof isn't covered anymore because Mike climbed on top and shoveled it off. Just to let you know how bad it is even Wal-Mart closed for a full week for snow removal from the parking lot and their roof and in the process a man fell through the ceiling because the roof had been weakend by the snow. The K-mart roof collapsed as well as many homes here in good ol North Dakota. I never knew how hard it was to not have a Wal-Mart until last week. Haha embarassing I know but seriously this is non sense. Check out all the snow we have in our yard. I think we are going to hire someone to come move it away from our house because as you can see this is a job for more than just a snow blower and snow shovel. We need some seriously heavy duty equipment. On the up side we have finally had a week above 0 degrees so I would say we are making some progress
Zoe put on her own hat to go play in the snow. Umm excuse me Zoe I think its on backwards!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dinosaur Museum!

When we were in Utah we went to Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum with Josh, Michele and Savy. The girls had a blast looking at all the different exhibits and search for the bones.
I am certain though that the money was best spent on Josh and Mike who could have spent all day building sand castles in the sand pit (I believe this is for kids but hey what can I say). Just imagine the sand was a bug zapper and Mike and Josh were the bugs... it was kind of like that. I pretty much had to pry them away because the kids were ready to move on.
Isa was so cute crawling all over the place and exploring. She thought it was so much fun to sit on the big scale they had.
This was probably Zoe's favorite thing we did the whole time we were in Utah. She absolutely loves dirt and unfortunately the seasons are too short up here for her to enjoy it. Good thing she got her year supply there. I was seriously finding dirt on her for a few days after this excursion
Zoe and Savy were like long lost best friends they ran from one thing to the next together!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Alright so now we are finally on to the Halloween photos. We decided to plan our trip to utah over the halloween holiday so our girls would actually get to trick or treat outside this year. We first went to Mike's parents ward halloween party.
Zoe got to play musical chairs and though she didn't quite catch on she still had a lot of fun because she got to sit next to Bell!
We went trick or treating in my parents neighborhood and that was a lot of fun! We started at about 5:00 and ended at about 7:30. The girls were completely wasted but had a lot of fun. Zoe got to go as Tinkerbell and Nana got her some Tinkerbell boots to wear with her costume.
Isa went as a Tulip Fairy, check out her shoes!
While Zoe was running from door to door Isa munched on a sucker in the stroller. It was so funny because Zoe would go to the door and say trick or treat and then when they would give her candy she always said "I need some for Isa" then she would run back to isa to give her the loot!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Carving Pumpkins with Nana

Okay so this is where I admit to my lame momness. For halloween I did not want to deal with the hassle of carving a pumpkin so Zoe and I painted pumpkins. My mom however thought that was totally lame (which I can certainly agree with) so she bought two pumpkins and carved them with Zoe. Of course Zoe had a blast and it turned out really cute! Isa as you can see just sat and munched on a lemon and watched the progress made!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hogle Zoo

When we were in Utah in October (Yes thats right I said October) we went to the Hogle Zoo for the first time with Nana and Aunt Allee! The girls had a blast. I am pretty sure the Carousel ride was their favorite part of the trip but they also enjoyed riding on the train! Zoe had so much fun I couldn't even get her to stop and take a picture!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Call This The One Way Conversation

The other day I made one of Zoe's favorites for lunch, grilled cheese and tomato soup. I got everyone situated (Zoe, Isa and I) and sat down with mine and a Christmas letter to read. A Few seconds later this is the conversation that took place:

Zoe: "Mommy eat your soup"

I took a bite of my soup

Zoe: "mommy eat your sandwich"

I took a bite of my sandwich

Zoe: "Read mommy read"
Zoe: "Eat your soup mommy eat"
Zoe: "Read mom you have to read"

Me: "Zoe chill out chica I am eating and reading as fast as I can"

Zoe: "Mom you just have to read and eat"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Girls!!!

Both of the girls had their birthdays in December and It was one party filled month! I had so much fun getting everything ready for the girls birthdays.
Isa's was the 7th and we just had three babies her same age over and let them crawl around and play with her new toys. They also had a blast tearing into the cake.
There are very few things that Isa is completely obssessed with so far one of them is the caterpillar on the Baby Einstein videos. That is how we decided on her cake.

Isa was not to thrilled at the idea of diving into her cupcake. She just picked at the frosting for a while and then finally pushed it aside. I must say I was quite surprised! She did however have a lot of fun opening her presents and with a little help from Aunt Allee it was a complete success!
We had a lot of fun at Zoe's party as well. Her parties are getting to be a lot of fun. She has two really good friends here, Parker and Maddy, so we had them over for a princess and pirate party (We threw in the pirate part just for Parker because had he shown up with out a costume he gladly would have put on a princess dress for Zoe).
We got Zoe a Snow White dress to wear and I made her a Snow White cake. It was a learning experience to say the least.
I also turned our kitchen table into a castle for the kids and that is where there treasure hunt ended, treasure chest and all.
She got lots of toys from friends and family and has had a blast playing with them all!
All and all Zoe had a blast and ever since her birthday everytime she sees a fun toy at a store she says "I want that for my birthday!"
I love these two girls so much I can't imagine life without them. Zoe never ceases to make me laugh with her fun loving personality. She is such a sweet sister to Isa and always tries to help her learn new things. I posted some of her new funny sayings so be sure to check those out. Isa is a doll as always. This kid is going to be even funnier as she gets older. She loves her momma and can't ever seem to get enough of her big sister Zoe. She is learning new things all the time and is sooooo close to walking I can't even believe it!