Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Girls!!!

Both of the girls had their birthdays in December and It was one party filled month! I had so much fun getting everything ready for the girls birthdays.
Isa's was the 7th and we just had three babies her same age over and let them crawl around and play with her new toys. They also had a blast tearing into the cake.
There are very few things that Isa is completely obssessed with so far one of them is the caterpillar on the Baby Einstein videos. That is how we decided on her cake.

Isa was not to thrilled at the idea of diving into her cupcake. She just picked at the frosting for a while and then finally pushed it aside. I must say I was quite surprised! She did however have a lot of fun opening her presents and with a little help from Aunt Allee it was a complete success!
We had a lot of fun at Zoe's party as well. Her parties are getting to be a lot of fun. She has two really good friends here, Parker and Maddy, so we had them over for a princess and pirate party (We threw in the pirate part just for Parker because had he shown up with out a costume he gladly would have put on a princess dress for Zoe).
We got Zoe a Snow White dress to wear and I made her a Snow White cake. It was a learning experience to say the least.
I also turned our kitchen table into a castle for the kids and that is where there treasure hunt ended, treasure chest and all.
She got lots of toys from friends and family and has had a blast playing with them all!
All and all Zoe had a blast and ever since her birthday everytime she sees a fun toy at a store she says "I want that for my birthday!"
I love these two girls so much I can't imagine life without them. Zoe never ceases to make me laugh with her fun loving personality. She is such a sweet sister to Isa and always tries to help her learn new things. I posted some of her new funny sayings so be sure to check those out. Isa is a doll as always. This kid is going to be even funnier as she gets older. She loves her momma and can't ever seem to get enough of her big sister Zoe. She is learning new things all the time and is sooooo close to walking I can't even believe it!


Maggie said...

Cute Snow White cake. Where did you learn how to do it? Hope you all are doing well.

Kelsie Maher said...

two words.... over achiever! ;)

Kelsie Maher said...
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Heath said...

Really, I couldn't be more impressed. I love your cakes! And the castle?!?! Whoa. YOu get mom of the year award for those parties.

Hey, I know we've emailed each other before but I've never saved yours so will you get it to me? I have something for you and Mike.

Nay said...

I love the cake! And your girls are wonderful.