Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Call This The One Way Conversation

The other day I made one of Zoe's favorites for lunch, grilled cheese and tomato soup. I got everyone situated (Zoe, Isa and I) and sat down with mine and a Christmas letter to read. A Few seconds later this is the conversation that took place:

Zoe: "Mommy eat your soup"

I took a bite of my soup

Zoe: "mommy eat your sandwich"

I took a bite of my sandwich

Zoe: "Read mommy read"
Zoe: "Eat your soup mommy eat"
Zoe: "Read mom you have to read"

Me: "Zoe chill out chica I am eating and reading as fast as I can"

Zoe: "Mom you just have to read and eat"


Kelsie Maher said...

hahahahahaha..... thats good stuff.

Heath said...

She's reminds me a lot of her mommy!

Lori said...

hilarious! i wish i could visit! the bday pics were sooo cute, i love isa's face in the one where her shirt is off in the high chair. !!

Nikki said...

HAHAHAHAAAAA! She's so stinking funny!