Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dinosaur Museum!

When we were in Utah we went to Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum with Josh, Michele and Savy. The girls had a blast looking at all the different exhibits and search for the bones.
I am certain though that the money was best spent on Josh and Mike who could have spent all day building sand castles in the sand pit (I believe this is for kids but hey what can I say). Just imagine the sand was a bug zapper and Mike and Josh were the bugs... it was kind of like that. I pretty much had to pry them away because the kids were ready to move on.
Isa was so cute crawling all over the place and exploring. She thought it was so much fun to sit on the big scale they had.
This was probably Zoe's favorite thing we did the whole time we were in Utah. She absolutely loves dirt and unfortunately the seasons are too short up here for her to enjoy it. Good thing she got her year supply there. I was seriously finding dirt on her for a few days after this excursion
Zoe and Savy were like long lost best friends they ran from one thing to the next together!


Lori said...

i love the pic of you and isa. isa is like a little twin of you. so cute. that sand looked fun. maybe we'll go next time we're there

Jenny Timmerman said...

Love your cute girls! Also, next time you are visiting the Dinosaur Museum you will have to call me, that's two minutes from my house!

The Schooley's said...

How fun!! Looks like it was a blast. Isa is so cute. Zoe is getting tall!! My kiddos loved the sand too, especially Sawyer.

Karina said...

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