Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Congratualtions Baby Burke!!

No I am not announcing I am pregnant (nice try you wishful thinker you)! This is a shout out to Britt and Travis for having baby boy number four! Burke is the name he shall be known by but if you want any more info than that you will have to ask them for it! If I get a picture of this studdly dude soon I will post it for you guys! Congratulations guys we are so excited for you! PS hey Travis will you mail Mike some of what you have been drinking we would really like to figure out that boy thing for the next one?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sleeping Dooty

We have all heard of Sleeping Beauty but how do you think Aurora would feel if she knew my child pronounced it "Sleeping Dooty". I personally could not stop laughing.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I say adventure is all "Relative"

So your saying this isn't lotion. Well at least glue is easy clean up!

The tomato soup was soooo good she decided to share it with everything she came in contact with!

On the crawl!

So in case the world wasn't lazy enough these days, Isa discovered a new way to play with this toy while laying down!

Gone fishing with Grandma Christian and Wendy

Some day I will get to take a nap until then I will just catch everyone else taking theirs.

So Zoe is in gymnastics and she has a blast. They usually set up a little circuit for the girls to do everytime and Zoe can hardly contain herself. She does a really mean somersault and almost has the backwards one down!

Look what Grandma brought!!!

Mikes family came to visit us for a week. This was a pretty exciting moment for me considering the only visitors we have had have been right after one of the girls were born so we were determined to make the most of it. We went to the Zoo, splashdown (waterpark), bowling, toward the base and Mike's job, did the whole mall thing, planet pizza (our equivelant of chucky cheese though I think ours is better) and played lots of games. It was so fun to have visitors! Thanks for coming to visit Halls and Dooses!

Friday, September 12, 2008


That felt good! So this week has been so crazy I don't even want to go there but I will say this as soon as my husband returns from code change I am demanding a raise. I don't think I get paid enough for the shenanigans I dealt with today.

I am currently watching another little toddler evey day along with my two girls which has actually not been too bad but man these girls are just tornadoes. I am constantly going from one mess to the other (if I weren't OCD about a clean house it probably wouldn't make me crazy but tell that to my alter ego). The worst happened at about 4 pm. I was on the phone with some customer service dude for travelocity (who by the way only spoke arabic or something along those lines because I understood very little this man said so I was very frustrated)

In the background I can hear Zoe but nothing that she is doing is really registering. I had set these little glue bottles on the counter earlier when I gave the girls some craft stuff so they wouldn't play with them. Zoe had gotten ahold of them and thinking they were lotion just lathered her body. When I finally realize it I held all my frustration in (I should have thrown them away earlier) and just put her in the tub filled it with water and bubbles and then went to answer the door.

Enter Maddy's Grandma ready to pick her up. After chatting with her for a minute a birthday suit Zoe comes in to tell me she pooped in the potty (those who have potty trained know how exciting this is) So I ran in the bathroom with her to find a little poop in the toilet which is obviously not where it originated since I can see smeared poop all over the tub, toilet and floor. I immediately tell Lerri I need to go and she left me to clean up. I cleaned it all up removed toys to be disinfected showered Zoe and went off to make dinner.

While I made dinner Zoe had a peeing accident so we changed that. We ate tomato soup and grilled cheese (daddy's not home so we call this dinner right now) and Zoe spilt it the tomato soup all over herslef. So we cleaned that up. While I was cleaning up dinner the phone rang again so Zoe who was in the other room comes running in minus her clothing to hand me a phone with the whole roll of toilet paper wound around one hand with poop smeared all over it and herself. We immediately returned to the bathroom to find poop smeared all over the toilet again!
So thats how I ended up here. Seriously its days like these when I seriously consider going to work and making Mike be a stay at home dad. Mostly just becasue Misery loves company though!

To end I would just like to say "I have a dream that one day" Zoe will poop only int he potty!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Next American Idol

I hope you are all ready for Zoe's debut we are still recording her first album but here is a little preview! PS these are just a few of the songs we sing every night before bed!

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Photos of the Girls!

Okay so we finally got some more pics done of the girls! I think they turned out pretty good considering everything that was going on that day! Unfortunately I have no Idea how to shrink the scanned file so I can put them on the blog. I am officially frustrated! Sorry folks I guess you only get to see the ones from Jen's studio!