Monday, September 1, 2008

New Photos of the Girls!

Okay so we finally got some more pics done of the girls! I think they turned out pretty good considering everything that was going on that day! Unfortunately I have no Idea how to shrink the scanned file so I can put them on the blog. I am officially frustrated! Sorry folks I guess you only get to see the ones from Jen's studio!


The Schooley's said...

Jen, I can see the invisible pictures in my mind and let me tell you, they are fabulous!! But seriously, could your girls even take a bad picture?? No way man!!

Mitchell Family said...

I know the feeling of being upset with the "BLOG"! Happens to me all the time. Make sure to bring them when you come here! Also, we really need to figure out what night we want to do out PARTY!!!

Michael and Heather said...

Hey Jen, I love keeping in touch this way. I have been keeping up on your blog for some time now. Your girls are so adorable!