Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Congratualtions Baby Burke!!

No I am not announcing I am pregnant (nice try you wishful thinker you)! This is a shout out to Britt and Travis for having baby boy number four! Burke is the name he shall be known by but if you want any more info than that you will have to ask them for it! If I get a picture of this studdly dude soon I will post it for you guys! Congratulations guys we are so excited for you! PS hey Travis will you mail Mike some of what you have been drinking we would really like to figure out that boy thing for the next one?


cat design said...

Jen! You have the cutiest little family! Please email me sometime, I would love to talk to you! cattster02@hotmail.com.

Shelly said...

Good Luck on the baby boy juice.