Friday, September 26, 2008

I say adventure is all "Relative"

So your saying this isn't lotion. Well at least glue is easy clean up!

The tomato soup was soooo good she decided to share it with everything she came in contact with!

On the crawl!

So in case the world wasn't lazy enough these days, Isa discovered a new way to play with this toy while laying down!

Gone fishing with Grandma Christian and Wendy

Some day I will get to take a nap until then I will just catch everyone else taking theirs.

So Zoe is in gymnastics and she has a blast. They usually set up a little circuit for the girls to do everytime and Zoe can hardly contain herself. She does a really mean somersault and almost has the backwards one down!

Look what Grandma brought!!!

Mikes family came to visit us for a week. This was a pretty exciting moment for me considering the only visitors we have had have been right after one of the girls were born so we were determined to make the most of it. We went to the Zoo, splashdown (waterpark), bowling, toward the base and Mike's job, did the whole mall thing, planet pizza (our equivelant of chucky cheese though I think ours is better) and played lots of games. It was so fun to have visitors! Thanks for coming to visit Halls and Dooses!


KTLADY said...

Hooray! Lots of pictures. So did you teach Zoe that it's cool to run around in her panties? Never a dull moment as usual, I see!

Lori said...

ok, so zoe is as naked as halle. isa's hair looks dark. the block looks like its going to hurt her. i love her teeth! zoe's hair is so long and pretty, strange how she resembles her aunt lolo and there is no blood relation, go figure? looks like the family had fun together. the gymnastics pics are so adorable, i'm jealous, it looks like fun, and zoe looks like she loves it. get some video, get some of the other kids in the video too, so i can see how much cuter zoe is then all of them ;)

Heath said...

I have so much to comment about!

1st-Zoe's hair is sooo long and beautiful.

2nd-Thank goodness it wasn't super glue.

3rd-Isa isn't lazy, she's actually extremely bright. Why didn't I think of that! I'm gonna do my laundry laying down like that.

4th-Grandma Hall looks super happy.

5th-I'm glad Zoe's in gymnastics. I'm a little biast but I think it's the greatest sport for little kids!