Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bringing style to the AL

So we were in alabama for 5 weeks and it was a lot of fun and a lot of crazy. We stayed in a one bed hotel room with a pull out couch and a kitchenette it was probably about 400 sq ft of chaos. The girls loved it and we didn't have to be without a daddy for 2 months. The set up was pretty good considering. There was a huge sand box full of all sorts of toys and a playground just outside our room. so as long as we didn't mind the smell of our own sweat at 100 degree weather than we were good to go. There was also an indoor playroom were the girls had a lot of fun destroying someone elses toys. We made so many good friends there! Isa still to this day talks about Addison and Yasmine and asks all the time when she will see them again. Zoe would wake up every morning there and say "mom we have to hurry so we can play with the boy friends". Seth and Gavin will be greatly missed because anyone that can keep up with Zoe is a friend worth keeping. Me and Mike made lots of friends as well and managed to sneak in a couple three day vacays with some of them. all in all a great trip though I just realized we were so busy having fun that we forgot to take pictures. We learned a few valuable lessons at thie hotel: 1: always check to see if the AC works before you unpack in case you have to switch rooms. 2: always request the top floor in the south. one word cockroaches! 3: never assume that just because you are lucky enough to stay at a "hotel" on base that it will be like a hotel stay. You know clean rooms beds made excellent service. All in all though a great trip!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday To Mike! Thats right ladies he is now the big 31! We had a lot of fun this year and hardly have slowed down but somewhere in the middle we found time to serenade our way through Mikes birthday. We had a bunch of friends out to dinner at the alaska alder grill. We reserved one of their teepee's (sp) and had dinner with friends and the guitarist their came in and sang a bunch of songs for us. On the actual day of his birthday the girls and I gave Mike an IPOD ITouch. He is now addicted and we might any day have to stage an intervention. Happy birthday to a wonderful daddy, husband and friend. 'Holla"

We're back!

Thats right Zoe has finally reached preschool age. She started preschool at Our Redeemer here in town and she loves it! Her teachers are Ms. K and Ms. B. She was so excited to wear shoes that tie and to show everyone her new backpack. Notice the flames thats right Zoe picked it out herself and there was no changing her mind. She is doing so well and is loving learning new things.

Isa is our little Diva! She has the strongest girly emotions I have ever seen in a child. she loves everything girl and her favorite thing is to dress up with sun glasses. She also loves wearing headbands which I have decided are impossible to work with. We love this girl and all her girlie ways!

Grandma and Christian came to town! The girls were so excited to have their "big boy cousin" and Christian was a great sport about keeping them entertained. We went to the zoo, the pool, the splash pad and the state fair while they were here. The girls can never resist being a penguin at the zoo and even got christian in on the action.
Isa had lots of fun snuggling with grandma and I'm pretty sure grandma loved it just as much if not more!

We went to the splash pad and I think Christian had even more fun than the girls.
all in all it was a great trip and a lot of fun to have family in town. Thanks for visiting grandma and christian we can't wait for next summer!