Saturday, March 28, 2009

Floods ..... Floods ..... and more Floods!!!

So as many of you know we are up in crazy North Dakota where the snow never ends. Don't worry though we are 2 hours north of Bismarck and 4 hours Northwest of Fargo. The flooding that you are seeing all over the news has only affected us because we have deployed people from here to help sandbag. Now a little history.
In 1969 there was a really bad flood here very similar to what you are seeing in Fargo. The National Gaurd was brought in along with some engineers and they widened and rerouted the river that runs through the center of town. (keep in mind the reason why the disaster with flooding here are so huge is that we are a farming state so most of our cities are developed around the rivers banks) They are distributing sandbags here at the public works building for precaution and we have seen some flooding but it was purely due to all the snow in our yards and not because of the river. Hopefully we will continue to only have localized flooding ie. basements getting water through the foundations. However to alleviate concerns you will be happy to know if it does flood here we will be safe.
Minot is basically built around a valley and two hills. Most of the houses are up on the hills while some do ly in the valley by the river. We are up on one of the hills and out of the flood plain. Keep our state in your prayers, people are going to need all the help they can get. Thanks for all your concerns!
Recent picture of Bismarck flooding.
Recent picture of Fargo flooding.

Picture from the flood of 1969 in Minot.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A One Stop Pharmacy!

baby motrin......check
teething gel........check

This is a list of all the medications poor little Isa is currently on. Thank goodness she is such a good baby or else things could be a lot worse! She just has childhood asthma but apparently does not handle it very well. She has been wheezing since December (no lie), retracting off and on, running fevers, having chest x-rays to find continuous fluid/mucus in the lungs, diarhea from all the meds and of course on top of it all she is teething. Needless to say none of this slows her down so when I try to do one of her 8 treatments through the nebulizer a day a basically have to tie her down and sing every song I know and read every book we have with sounds. Hopefully this will be "but a small moment" in her life.

BTW don't mind the coke in her hand. That is what Mike likes to drink for a treat and of course its the one thing Isa consistently pulls out of the cupboard. I have found them in so many places the latest are my snow boots!

Also for all of you who knew and are wondering. I did get my results back and everything was benign. They found a cyst in each thyroid. The one on the left was much bigger because it was actually a cyst around a cyst. The doc said the first cyst bled causing the second cyst to form around it to protect the body. My thyroid levels on the other hand are abnormal so who knows what they will do about that. Sigh of relief from me though I am finally sleeping (what little sleep I get right now) better! thanks for your thoughts, calls and prayers they all did wonders!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Girl Can Dream ....... Can't She?

So this post is for all you people just waiting for me to blog the more human side of my life. lately I have found that the girls are messier than I could have ever imagined. I had hoped they could inherit my disdain for being messy, but to no avail!
In this pic I can only blame myself. I had tried to get some really fun potty training treats for Zoe a while ago and decided that since I loved fun dip as a kid she would too. Um hello apparently I completely blanked out on the disgusting mess I must have always been afterward! Thanks mom for being patient. I would show you the couch but the picture didn't turn out.
This is our version of "Miss Independent". Isa looooooves to feed herself and insists on it no matter what it is! the worst thing so far has been tomato soup but yogurt was more noticeable!
And last but not least here are some pics of what will hopefully soon be called a second full bath. Yippee!!! I have waited a while for this project to get rolling! Here is the before stay tuned for some after. Did I mention that sometimes I feel like I live in a construction zone!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Pretty in Pig tails!

Okay so I know every mom thinks it but seriuosly! My girls are sooooo cute! I have finally realized that I can put Isa's hair in pig tails. It looks so cute especiall ysince I can leave some down and curly! Zoe as usual is a beautiful little girl. I think I was meant to have girls because I love doing their hair and dressing them up! Anyway here ya go......

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Out for a for a walk!

So last Friday my neighbor called and asked if I could take their dog out on Saturday. Not thinking to check and make sure Mike was off I said yes.........Oooops! So of course Mike had to work and there was a dog that needed walking at 3 and two little girls that needed watching. What to do...... So I bundled them up as best I could, covered them in blankets, and put them in the double stroller. We got Charlie (the pup) and off we went, -5 degree weather and all. After about an hour of walking through the 5 foot walls of snow we returned home. I had been worried the whole time that my kids were going to be cold so I kept checking them in the beginning. they seemed to be doing fine. When we got home I realized that Zoe had completely zonked out and Isa was having a blast being outside! I think I just might do that again!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Conversations with Zoe!

Me: Zoe lets eat some lunch. do you want left over pizza? (homemade mind you)
Zoe: Ummm No thanks
Me: Do you want some pepperoni, cheese and oranges
Zoe: No Thanks
Me: How about some noodle soup
Zoe: Mom just no thanks maybe tomorrow, I'm not hungry yet
What do you do when your child politely declines you three times.........Blog about it!
Zoe: Mom look!
Me: What is it?
Zoe holding a magnet of chic from Cars: It's a maggot I call him chic!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rescue Blues!

So about a year ago Mike saw this radio and new that Zoe would love it so he got it for her at Walmart for 5 bucks. Well the thing drove me crazy because she would turn it on full blast on the gospel station (nothing against gospel music its just not exactly what I want to listen to on full blast while cleaning). Soooooo I hid it. Well I just came across it the other day and gave it back to her. That thing has not left her side. We are constantly finding her lieing on her bed or on the couch or just basically anywhere with the radio rockin out. She apparently does not like an audience for her performances though as you can see.