Monday, March 16, 2009

A Girl Can Dream ....... Can't She?

So this post is for all you people just waiting for me to blog the more human side of my life. lately I have found that the girls are messier than I could have ever imagined. I had hoped they could inherit my disdain for being messy, but to no avail!
In this pic I can only blame myself. I had tried to get some really fun potty training treats for Zoe a while ago and decided that since I loved fun dip as a kid she would too. Um hello apparently I completely blanked out on the disgusting mess I must have always been afterward! Thanks mom for being patient. I would show you the couch but the picture didn't turn out.
This is our version of "Miss Independent". Isa looooooves to feed herself and insists on it no matter what it is! the worst thing so far has been tomato soup but yogurt was more noticeable!
And last but not least here are some pics of what will hopefully soon be called a second full bath. Yippee!!! I have waited a while for this project to get rolling! Here is the before stay tuned for some after. Did I mention that sometimes I feel like I live in a construction zone!


The Schooley's said...

Those were the best pictures!! Love the cheese grin one with Isa with yogurt all over her face. Priceless!! Miss you!

Heath said...

Why is it that your house seems so fun to live in with these little sweet, funny, girly creatures and a husband who is remodling your home at your command? My home entails smelly, boy creatures and a husband who hasn't changed a burnt out light bulb on our front porch for a year :(((

Kelsie Maher said...

Those pictures are truely disgusting! LOL but the bathroom is exciting stuff I bet. Hahaha

Mitchell Family said...

Such cute pictures! And I am jealous you have started your bathroom downstairs. One day we will too! can't wait to see before and after pictures!

Nikki said...

hahaha! I have recently learned about the massive mess of Fun Dips too.

So cute that Isa likes to feed herself. I think Ham would just smear it all over himself. I need to let him do it and figure it out so I don't have to feed him anymore- especially before the twins arrive.

Nikki said...

P.S. I think it's so awesome that you do home improvements. I hope one day to be able to do such things.