Saturday, March 21, 2009

A One Stop Pharmacy!

baby motrin......check
teething gel........check

This is a list of all the medications poor little Isa is currently on. Thank goodness she is such a good baby or else things could be a lot worse! She just has childhood asthma but apparently does not handle it very well. She has been wheezing since December (no lie), retracting off and on, running fevers, having chest x-rays to find continuous fluid/mucus in the lungs, diarhea from all the meds and of course on top of it all she is teething. Needless to say none of this slows her down so when I try to do one of her 8 treatments through the nebulizer a day a basically have to tie her down and sing every song I know and read every book we have with sounds. Hopefully this will be "but a small moment" in her life.

BTW don't mind the coke in her hand. That is what Mike likes to drink for a treat and of course its the one thing Isa consistently pulls out of the cupboard. I have found them in so many places the latest are my snow boots!

Also for all of you who knew and are wondering. I did get my results back and everything was benign. They found a cyst in each thyroid. The one on the left was much bigger because it was actually a cyst around a cyst. The doc said the first cyst bled causing the second cyst to form around it to protect the body. My thyroid levels on the other hand are abnormal so who knows what they will do about that. Sigh of relief from me though I am finally sleeping (what little sleep I get right now) better! thanks for your thoughts, calls and prayers they all did wonders!


Julianne said...

Oh wow! Glad that everything is okay with you!

Kelsie Maher said...

Now thats my kinda girl!!! :) She is getting cuter and cuter.

Shelly said...

HOw? When? DId all this happen. I hope you are alright. Poor ISA and poor MOM. Wish I could help! Miss ya!

Halee D. said...

Good I am glad everything is okay! And I hope everything continues to be good!

Heath said...

Keep us all posted. So, do you have to get surgery to remove them?

Isa is such a trooper. Remember that little girl Gracie I told you about? Look at her blog and hug little Isa a bit tighter tonight. You'll be glad this is a passing phase in her life.

Maggie said...

Glad everything is ok. My thyroid was thrown off when I started having kids.

Nikki said...

My sister started having thyroid problems either right before or right after her second child. She takes meds for it.

And poor Isa! I had no idea she was so sick. That totally reminds me of Gabbers as a baby. She got RSV when she was three months old and only 9 pounds. After that, I recall spells of time where it seemed like we were always doing breathing treatments. Poor Isa that she's teething too!

Jacy said...

Poor little thing... those are a ton of meds to be taking!!! Love that she drags her daddy's Cokes all over the place!

And glad everything is good with you! That is scary waiting for results.

Nay said...

I'm glad everything turned out to be okay. Isa is strong, she'll get through. Hopefully flooding won't be terrible. Feeling OLD?!? :-)