Friday, October 3, 2008

Falling For Fall

Its autumn time its autumn time the leaves are falling down! Okay so Mike was outside doing a "little" clean up on the yard before the winter hits which could be any minute now. Anyway he decided he would "trim" my lilac BUSHES. Apparently Mike was thinking they should be trees because that is what they now look like. My poor lilac bushes have been destroyed. Oh well good thing they will grow back.

The girls had so much fun playing in the leaves as we cleaned them up. It was funny to watch Isa's reaction to the great outdoors. I guess this is one way to get this baby on the move to sit still becasue she did not want to move.
After the cleanup Zoe and Mike decided to reward themselves by getting some apples from our apple tree. This usually just means Mike shakes it until some fall down. Zoe for some reason loves these apples even though they are really sour!

Isa had seen Zoe eat the apple so she decided to give it a go unsuccessfully though she was so funny holding these apples and trying to get a good bite!
I bought mini pumpkins for Zoe and Maddy to paint and they had so much fun doing it!
Mike thinks its hilarious when Isa goes to crawl from her sitting position because she inevitably always does a side split. It is quite entertaining to watch her.
Last but not least Ms Zoe got a hair cut. I much needed one I might add. I have trimmed it about three times before but this time we went for the gold and chopped it. She was a little nervous at first but she did surprisingly well. So here she is about six inches later!


Gonzalez said...

Leopard print is perfect for Zoe she looks so cute! I admit I doubted that Isa really does a full split when you told me but she's got it. Sign her up for the 2028 Olympics!

Mitchell Family said...

Looks like fun times at the Hall home! Josh trimmed our tress back so far last year, that they don't need any help this year. Infact our apple tree barely produced apples this year because of how much trimming he did! Your girls are darling and I can't wait to see them!

Kelsie Maher said...

WHOA. Now THAT is what I call a blog!

Heidi said...

My daughter has been looking outside every day waiting for the fall leaves because she wants to play in them! Your girls are adorable, and look like they had a great time (not to mention you were probably having a good time because they weren't inside making a mess :)) If you and Mike ever come to Utah to visit we should have a little reunion. I know I met your for seconds at your wedding, but now that I read your blog all the time I feel like I actually know you!

Lori said...

so cute of the girls in leaves. i can 't wait to see more of zoe's hair. fyi, i think you spelt berke wrong on the last post.