Monday, January 12, 2009


Alright so now we are finally on to the Halloween photos. We decided to plan our trip to utah over the halloween holiday so our girls would actually get to trick or treat outside this year. We first went to Mike's parents ward halloween party.
Zoe got to play musical chairs and though she didn't quite catch on she still had a lot of fun because she got to sit next to Bell!
We went trick or treating in my parents neighborhood and that was a lot of fun! We started at about 5:00 and ended at about 7:30. The girls were completely wasted but had a lot of fun. Zoe got to go as Tinkerbell and Nana got her some Tinkerbell boots to wear with her costume.
Isa went as a Tulip Fairy, check out her shoes!
While Zoe was running from door to door Isa munched on a sucker in the stroller. It was so funny because Zoe would go to the door and say trick or treat and then when they would give her candy she always said "I need some for Isa" then she would run back to isa to give her the loot!


Julianne said...

Wow. Your girls are troopers. Seems like my boys are wining after 30 minutes of walking.

KTLADY said...

Hey cute pics. Um, I don't actually have access to Tenille's blog because they went private before I had a chance to email them. Now I don't have their email. Hmmm.... that's really the main downfall of private blogs. Sometimes we lose touch completely!!