Thursday, June 12, 2008

So Long, Farewell

Okay so I just have to start out by confessing something so ridiculous that I hope it gives you all a good laugh. I caught myself feeling something just now when I was preparing to update the blog. I was feeling guilt because i was about to move these pictures of the "most beautiful children ever" (I think that obviously because I am the mom and because its true, right?!?) to the next space down on the blog. They will no longer be at the top even though I am replacing them with more pictures. So then of course I had to give myself a little reality check. Hello I am seriously lame! I can't even believe that it brought a tear to my eye to do this. So if you find me checked into a mental institute for losing my mind you will all be witness as to how it all began...

Anyway so here is the scoop! Zoe has this little friend named Maddy. Her grandparents live down the street and she comes to visit every other weekend but for the last three weeks has been here the whole time. Zoe got so used to playing with her every day and going to the Zoo with her that now that she is back home my mornings go like this every morning:

me: "Hi there sweet pea did you sleep good?"

Zoe: "I wanna go see Maddy"

me: "Maddy went back home"

Zoe: "See animals, see maddy"

me: "Maddy isn't here but we can see the animals"

Zoe: "Seeeeeeeeee Maddy?"

me: "Maddy isn't here"

Zoe: "Seeeeeeeeee Maddy?"

Obviously it is a very intelligent conversation that only the educated would understand so I will summarize...ZOE MISSES MADDY! So here is our ode to there friendship.


Lacey, Ryan & Leif said...

Jen, Love the look of your blog. Your story of Zoe cracks me up. I know exactly what you mean about being blessed with what you have. I get worn out and angry and then think to myself I wouldn't want to miss any of this. I'll be back to check on you guys later. Keep it real! Ha!!

Heath said...

I've had little bits of remorse when I am renewing a post and pushing down a "really good one". Just remember, this blog is for you as a memory storer and you can visit your favorites anytime! She's so lucky to have found a friend WAY UP IN NORTH DAKOTA! Who would have known that there were more than just one 2 year old girl up there :)

Mitchell Family said...

Oh, that is so cute. I can only imagine trying to rationalize with a 2 year old... probably about as good as trying to rationalize with a 18 month old(which by the way I know is a dead end but I still try every day!)

Kelsie Maher said...

hahaha, that is funny. I love all the pictures. seriously, i'm not sure what your breakdown was about, but i enjoyed these pictures too!

Lori said...

i want halle to be zoe's friend! I miss opening your blog and seeing isa's chubby face , too!! I loved your comment on mine, just when i thought i couldn't get more concieted, i did! we both have the cutest sisters.