Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Halls Conform

Well for all of you bloggers out there just thought we would say you finally got us. We have finally put our lives back together enough to start a blog after baby number two!!! I know I know everyone has kids but let me tell ya its harder than it looks. So here is our quick recap to get ya caught up with family.

Mike is currently a missileer and we are stationed in "sunny" North Dakota. He is loving his job so far. They heard he knows a little about computers so he is also the exec to the commander and the computer systems analyst for his squadron. All of this is really just code for "he is never home"!!!!! He currently has a million projects going on in our new house which include, finishing the down stairs, changing out all the doors and frames, building cement flower boxes and repaving the driveway. Thats right this man can do it all!

I am currently just flat out crazy. I have decided that all these women who have their kids close together are just flat out insane. I must not be cut out for it but I am sure giving it my best. between changing bums, wiping noses, taking care of church stuff, cooking, cleaning, and oh yes working as the foreman under our general contractor Mike my time is well spent. I did manage to sucker a tred mill out of Mike this week so I can finally start getting back in shape after the baby.

Zoe is as crazy as ever and growing by the minute. She will be two and a half in June and can't wait for her summer party with all her new friends. She loves our house but most of all our new car. Every morning she wakes up and says "bye bye in new car". She also is the queen of shopping. It doesn't matter what you are shopping for she will grab a hanger and say "look mommy its cute" or "look mommy its pretty". But the funniest thing of all is when she says "oh no, look mommy, a snake" and she points to a string or a hair on her hand. We like to think she is the smartest girl out there. She has now mastered her ABC's, numbers, colors and shapes. I guess we'll start with algebra now. haha. Her adventure and enthusiasm for life is amazing. Watch out boys here she comes.

Isa is one sweet babe. I love this kid to pieces she is so dang cute. I didn't know you could enjoy a baby so much when they do absolutely nothing but believe me you can. She loves to giggle and take in the scene. She is as chunky as they come. In fact the other day I bought her some 6-12 month jeans to wear now at 4 months and sure enough I couldn't get them over her junk in the trunk. hehe. I can't wait to see her personality come out even more.

Well thats all for now hopefully I will be as good as the rest of you at updating my blog. keep checking you might just get lucky!!!


Britt said...

WOW!! What an expert blogger you have become overnight!! The girls look cute (yes I do mean ALL the girls). Mike!! What a man!

We'll be watching...

Audrey said...

This is so fun to see. As a grandma it is awesome to see my grandkids anyway I can.
Love you all.

Lori said...

jen, you look totally hot, can't believe you had a baby in you just a few months ago. The girls are soooo cute, just looking at isa makes me want squeeze her fat belly!

Heath said...

HOORAY!!! I'm so glad that you have this blog! Now when you come home we'll already be "in the know" about the small stuff and then we can get to the juicy stuff quicker. I'll also be able to watch your girls grow up and not get a anaphalactic shock when Zoe's 5 months and then 2! I do better with gradual change. Love it all.


Karina said...

hey old roomy. looks like your life is crazy like the rest of us. north dakota eh? hope you like the cold! glad it seems like life has treated you well and your family is very cute.