Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun with the Family!!!

So this will be an extremely long post from me but keep reading or else you too might have to live in Minot!!

So it got up to the high 70's one day so we decided to let Zoe play in the water. Mike took all this time setting up the slip and slide for about 4 slides of fun. I am fairly certain that it was more fun for us than her though because as you can see Mike had to throw her down the slip in slide in order for her to do it.

As for little Ms. Isa she is such a funny baby. I am sure all of you moms have seen this before as have I but............I am showing you anyway. Isa loves to play with her paci. The funniest thing though is when she flips it upside down in her mouth and continues to suck on it that way. As soon as you catch her she gets this big grin and pulls it out like I was being silly just for you!

Apparently I should command in all things. Just look what happens when daddy is left to do bath time for Zoe!

A friend of ours gave Zoe all of these old school stamps she had from when she was growing up. Of course they were all dried out but as any Scientifically minded person can tell you better yet as any person with any mind can tell you when dry ink gets wet..........All together now........Its wet again!!! Needless to say Zoe was dirtier when she came out than when she got in.


Kelsie Maher said...

k that picture of mike LAUNCHING Zoe down the slip n slide is by far my favorite picture! :) it may become my screensaver. .. lol.....

Britt said...

Next time you get the slip n' slide out pour a little dish soap on it and watch "the Zoe" slide away. It is fun for all and doesn't harm the lawn.

Looks like good times in Minot.

Mitchell Family said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I am glad it is finally getting warm there... we had crapy weather this weekend. Darn :)