Sunday, July 6, 2008


There are a number of things I learned about my family this week here are just a few caught by the camera!

This is Zoe's happy face for pictures!

Isa Loves to drink water from a glass!
You can never over accessorize (even if you are wearing knee pads with high heels)

Isa is on the move (what little freedom I had left will soon be gone and replaced with a rolling scooting busy baby)

One Word - Bumbo. Throw those happiest baby on the block books away ladies this is all you need No meal is complete without a muchkin. Seriously these things are awesome. What will they think of next!

Mike accomplishes a whole lot more when I am with him (I still dont quite get this because I hardly did anything compared to what he did so I will just say I must have been his motivation)

I am an expert holder! Seriously though we don't have any pictures of this but let me tell you I hold a mean two by four, sheet rock, two by four, hammer, two by four, tape measure, two by four, electrical box, two by four and cam light housing! It was actually a lot of fun to see so much progress done on the basement. Did I mention I held a lot of two by fours?


Heath said...

That one of Isa in her bumbo is to DIE FOR. I smiled just looking at her. So, are you guys finishing your basement? Looks good! Do you just laugh all day long? Zoe has the most coy personality! She is a firecracker! Can't wait for fall to see you guys!

Four Jedi said...

Hopefully there were no dreams of being attacked by said two by four!! Love the pix of the girls. Especially Isa in the little blue char that lookd like a potty?? Too cute. Way to go on the basement!! Your new Indian name is "Queen Excellent Holder"

Mitchell Family said...

My heck your girls are cute! Isas smile is so big and just makes you smile too! Your basement framing is looking awesome. Oh and I know exactly what you mean by "Mike just wants you there"... that is exactly how Josh is. He just wants me there to seriously "HOLD" stuff!

Nay said...

You aren't kidding about Bumbo seats!! They are the best invention! Travis is the same way with construction. I like to do the complaining, but he just likes me there to find the lost tools and hold stuff. You girls are beautiful!

Lori said...

that first pic of isa drinking first glance i seriously thought it was you in a bumbo chair...she looks a lot like you!! i like zoe's smile for! wow, i'm glad you live so far away, i couldn't handle the competition for cutest sisters ever being close to me...jk. cute pics!

Melissa said...

Your girls are just too cute! I love the knee pads with all the necklaces!! funny girl! And your little one in the bumbo? You can't get cuter than her!