Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too many babes in this bed!!!

When we were growing up I remeber this poem my mom used to tell us I believe it goes like this:

There are too many kids in this tub

Too many elbows to scrub

I just washed a behind

That I'm sure wasn't min

There are too many kids in this tub

It always made me laugh because it was soooooo true, we had 7 kids for 1 bathroom (which we never fought over while getting ready right Britt?!). We now have a similar situation in Zoe's bed. Here is the list of things she is currently insisting on taking to bed with her (These are really the names she has given them):


Baby Doll

Cabbage Patch


Swiper Airplane

Dora Pa-Pack



Red Blanky

Pink Blanky

This is not to mention the books she pulls into bed with her, her pillow, and her actual blankets that go on the bed! This kid cracks me up!


Jenks Family said...

Kayla has the same problem. She is still in a crib (for my sanity) but she manages to get things in with her from so far across the room that I'm sure she climbs out and in. One time she even got her whole laundry basket in her crib with her. I was a little grossed out, but what do I do? Silly girls!
I love that poem too. I'm almost positive it's a Shel Silverstein and I just love his work!

Gonzalez said...

Zoe has so much personality for such tiny girl. I'm sure she'll never let you guys get bored! Oh and I loved your room. Great taste!

The Schooley's said...

Looks like Zoe & Sawyer would get along famously. He has about 15 stuffed animals in his bed plus who knows what else. I am actully afraid to look cos I might find last weeks lunch in ther as well!! Gross!! Grin........

Ashleigh said...

ok, so you need to take a picture of her in bed with all her stuff. what a funny girl! she seems to keep you entertained.


Mitchell Family said...

I know exactly what you mean... Savanna has to have everything in her crib at night with her too!

Kelsie Maher said...

i love the fact that you managed to remodel your bedroom in 2 days, while caring for 2 babies, and I can't even manage to get my house unpacked in 3 months! AHHHHH!!!

Lori said...

i wanna come snuggle in zo-zo's bed.
thats cute!

Britt said...

What a crack up! Isaac went through a phase where he insisted on falling asleep with the peanut butter jar in his hand because there was a teeny tiny silhouette of Peter Pan on it. Oh yeah!

Jacy said...

My little Jada went through that a couple of years ago too. She was smothered in stuffed animals and things by the time we piled everything around her at night. Interestingly enough I just read an article (I think in Parents Mag) that said it is their way of dealing with being a little bit frightened. If I remember right the magazine suggested maybe giving her a choice of 5 or so animals. I'll go double-check to make sure I'm giving your correct info. : )