Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do you ever feel like you are having an out of body experience!

I still have no camera :(. Hopefully though I will soon. I am getting one for Christmas with a lot of help from my mom but I have been waiting for Mike to have some free time to go with me to find one we will like. Hopefully I will get one either today or tomorrow. I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted a real post but here is my attempt to brief everyone on teh last two months!

1.) We went to Utah and saw all the family and had a blast.

2.) Trick or treating was a great success we finished just as the rain hit so we were pretty proud of our timing.

3.)We went to the Hogle Zoo and the Dinosaur museum and the girls had a blast.

4.)We had a get together with all Mikes Clogging friends and can I just say its a wonder that all those guys married so well. just kidding We laughed the whole night! (Thanks Michele)

5.)Mike has worked like crazy since he has been back. I have just been plain crazy.

6.)We had a babysitting swap with a friend of ours and Zoe hurt her arm while playing with their little boy. (Jumping off little kid chairs into ball pits on a cement floor has now become a big fat no thank you in our house)

7.)Four doctor visits via the ER, the base clinic, and the orthopedic clinc, 6 doctors, 8 x-rays, and six days later it was finally discovered that Zoe had a nursemaids elbow (dislocated elbow) and was reset. I don't know what we would have done without the help of our Bishop!!!

8.)Zoe has been in a slpint for 4 weeks and has had about ten more x-rays since but has become quite the pro of out patient care.

9.)If there is a family that needed a babysitter in minot lets just say that baysitter was me and it was sometime in the last two weeks.

10.)Isa turned one and cut 6 teeth within 2 months!!

11.)Isa stands on her own!

12.)Isa says momma, dadda, silly, this, ta da, bye and (while mimicking Zoe) I mad.

13.)We have put new meaning to the Griswald family Christmas ..... AGAIN!

14.)Some crazy person backed into Mikes car while it was parked in our driveway..... Oh wait that was me in the Mini van. (This should be on confessions of a taxi cab driver)

15.)We hosted Thanksgiving here with three other families and a single guy. (props go out to cameron for an excellent Turkey and stuffing)

16.)Our computer completely quit working for a few days until we could buy a new one.

17.)And last but certainly not least I have finally convinced a family member of mine (besides my awesome mom who comes when I need her most) to come visit. I came in the form of torture I think ..... just kidding Allee moved up here to stay with us for a while and it has been a blast for us I hope she can soon say the same!

So there you all have it the update on why I have not been blogging! My life is crazy and certainly blog worthy but sheesh with out a camera or a computer how do you blog! I will not torture you all with a long post with all the pics you have missed but I will put up a slide show of the pictures we have not been able to post! Now I can finally catch up on all of you! By the way I think quite a few of you went to private over the past few months if you did and I missed the opportunity to be included please leave a comment with your email so I can send mine on to you! Heather I got yours today but Jeff and Tenille I know for sure I missed! Thanks guys!


KTLADY said...

Well, missy! Finally we know what you've been up to! Poor Zoe! And Happy Birthday Isa! And you are a crazy driver- remember when we were in an accident together in my old Ford Escort? Sure glad we survived that one. And glad to see you're still surviving!! Hope you get a cool camera!
PS... I always get the funniest words for the word verification thing... this one is SHISTSPA
Rock the Shistspa, rock the shistspa!

Lori said...

i'm dying to see updated pics of isa, i'm sure she's getting so big. i love this age when they go from blob that sucks on toys to an actual little human being. oh and my long hair...that was just a good picture (reason why it got posted) usually i just look like cousin it.

Shelly said...

Wow! I can not believe it. How is Zoe? We miss you guys and have fun picking out a new computer.

Mitchell Family said...

Life is always crazy around the holidays and then you add every day life and it just is over-whelming! Miss you guys and glad you are doing somewhat okay!

Halee D. said...

First off wow second off, hopefully your sister will stay longer cause I am out in two days and won't be back for about three weeks.. hope life settles down a little well kinda cause those things are what make life interesting and we can't have a boring life can we...

Melissa said...

Hello Mike and Jen--What a darling family you have! Sorry Jen, you don't know me, but I'm an old friend of Mike's-- we were neighbors and good friends for years. Your girls are cuties, we have a couple little ladies of our own, so much fun! Well, I'm glad I found your family and it's good to see you are doing well (for the most part) =0). Tell Mike hello for me (if that's alright). Take care and happy holidays!