Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas in October

Okay so as some of you know my older sister had surgery a little while ago. I went out to help her for a week and when I came back was when I started my whole virally infected state. Since then she has frequently asked what she can do to help which always made me laugh because it would have given true meaning to the blind leading the blind. Anyway she found a way to help and help she did. She sent us Christmas in October which was so nice and the girls were so excited. I tried forever to upload the video I took of them opening them and all the squeals involved unfortunately it did not work but here is the pre opening picture. They were so excited for their presents. Isa got a baby that she calls momma because it giggles and says"momma". Zoe got the new trio blocks and has since built many scary monsters. The girls both loved the baby so much that they kept arguing over who got to play with her so Mike finally went and bought another baby for Zoe. Thanks Aunt BRITT!!! They loved the presents. PS look how nicely wrapped they are I must have missed the gene that gave her the wrapping skills all I got were nun chuck skills!


Meg and Terr said...

SPOILED to the max!

Britt said...

Glad they liked it! Sounds like Zoe scored! I am feeling a little sad that you forgot to mention the AWESOME card;< geez!