Thursday, June 3, 2010

V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S and Ballet!

Yes its true wait for it wait for it..........Someone other than my mom and Allee in my familia graced us with their presence and decided to brave the untameable weather of North Dakota. Cassie and Scott we would like to declare this moment to be your moment! All joking aside we had a blast they cam for four days and we accomplished a lot in those four days in fact we did so much that I only have one picture to show for it (oops!). We went to the zoo, splash down, darby land and yes oh yes we played us some guitar hero (Scott rocked it so until next time my man you are the champion). Apparently according to my faithful sister, splashdown is better than seven peaks so there all you non visiting Utahans! We had so much fun we didn't want them to leave especially since the girls played more hide and seek than ever. There was also an awesome dishes fairy that was here for that same time ........ hmmm (Cassie) and an entertain my kids fairy ........ hmmmm (Scott). Thanks for visiting guys your the best! And yes to my other McGee siblings this is a challenge to you to be the best also. Timing was perfect while they were here because Zoe had her ballet recital and it was awesome! Mr. Rinat is sooooo talented and choreographed an amazing night of ballet which I at times forgot was not professional. Zoe was an Angel in the prayer dance. They don't allow flash photography during the performance so I just have a picture of Zoe and the bows at the end! Zoe was so excited and couldn't wait to show what she had learned. The ballet went for three days so Zoe thought that at the end of every day she should get a rose (just like the first) good thing we came through for her! Anyway all is well and ballet is over for two months but we will resume end of July.

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Kelsie Maher said...

Rinat is amazing isn't he?! He is such a sweet man, no wonder his dancers are so good, they fear and love him all at the same time :)
Cute pics, and how fun that family came to visit! Next time you guys head to UT you'll have to let us know, I would totally make the trip :)