Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We're back!

While I may or may not be the WORLDS WORST BLOGGER, we are all still alive and relatively healthy believe it or not. This will hopefully be one awesome update for the last year!

Last November we were given the okay to try for another sweet baby lucky for me I am super fertile! In January we found out we were pregnant. Woo Hoo!!! Unfortunately those silly guys we called our doctors were not so informed on my condition which turned out to be not such a good idea after all to get pregnant. Fortunately for our little family they were none the wiser and we were able to add the sweetest little boy ever!

However this miscommunication led us on a very big adventure. After bouncing around between what felt like a billion doctors and many long drives across the great state of north dakota to see specialists, our doctors recommended our immediate relocation to an area with better specialists. (If I would have known that I might have gotten pregnant sooner :) )

This brought a whole new range of emotions. We were very sad to leave all of our amazing friends and surrogate family behind but knew it was the best thing for our family. Thank goodness for a Heavenly Father with an awesome plan.

We sold our home in 5 days and headed out in search of a new one (thanks to a fantastic Nana and Poppa who helped make it happen). We received our orders to Colorado Springs and off we went!

Sadly this meant the girls would also have to leave the most amazing ballet instructor ever!

This also meant that Mike would be saying goodbye to a job that taught him a lot about leadership.

The girls were very sad to say bye to all of there friends and so were we. Thankfully we know that because of our amazing church we had a whole new group of friends waiting for us. And that was exactly what we found when we got here.

We had the awesome adventure of buying a new home!

Our first few weeks in the ward were met with more offers of help and kindness than we knew what to do with (which was greatly appreciated considered the average of 4 doctor appointments a week).

We were also so excited to see Zoe start here first day of Kindergarten. She loves every minute of it and always tells me she wished it was all day. Ha guess I'm not as exciting.

Isa was very excited to get some mommy one on one time and a break from the big sister pestering.

We were all very excited to find out that Uncle Simeon would be getting married to Aunt Kayla (the girls sure love her especially Isa).

This exciting news also meant that we would be able to get 3 very pregnant sisters together. And of course some very excited cousins!

Soon after we were able to come back home and settle in and await our sweet baby. Though the pregnancy itself brought many concerns and scares along the way thankfully we had some fantastic doctors who stayed on top of all the medication changes nescessary.

September 19 Liam Michael Hall was born. We are all so in love with him that words dont quite do it justice. He was 9lbs and 21 inches at 38 weeks so we will definitely consider this move for health a success!

The girls still can't seem to get enough of him and I fear he is in for trouble with them (can we say dress up)!

We have finally hit our stride and are slowly getting our lives back to normal. My health is restoring well.

For those of you that remember Isa has struggled with the side effects of RSV and had been on quite a few medications to help treat her constant pneumonia. Thankfully we have been blessed and ever since we moved to Colorado she has not had one drop of any of her medications!

Unfortunately while we were in Utah in December Zoe had two seizures (scariest thing by far I have encountered). This sweet girl is such a trooper and it didn't phase her one bit. She told me on the way home from the hospital that she couldn't wait to ride in an ambulance again.......umm yeah I can!

Liam is the best baby in the world! He is so happy and loves to smile and coo. I am so thankful that our Heavenly Father found a way to bless us with him. He brings such joy to my heart every time I think of the struggle we went through to get him here and how much it was worth it! Isa is our little Diva! We love this little lady and all the spunk she brings from insisting that princesses dont wear pants to her contagious giggle she is a beauty and we cant get enough of her. Zoe never ceases to surprise us with her maturity and sweet understanding. She loves the chance to be a second mommy to anyone that will let her and she truly loves to make everyone happy. She has been so much fun to parent and watch and see what comes next.

Mike is loving his new job and cant seem to come up with words to describe it (ha seriously because he could tell ya but then he might have to kill ya). He has been such a trooper this year from being a Mr. Mom to helping with everything house. I love this man and could'nt have survived this year without him.
There you have it one fantastic year of craziness! My hope is to fall back into my blogging ways in order to keep myself up on me. I hope that my next entry will be some details about living with hypoparathyroidism and going through pregnancy with it. If your interested in what I have to say check back!


Amy Jenks said...

Oh my goodness! What a year! I'm glad that little Liam made it safely to the world! I love his name! Hope you're loving Colorado Springs. It's beautiful there! If you ever run into Chris and Charlotte Brady, they are good friends of my family.

Kelsie Maher said...

yeah, that was like the least informative blog ever... :) lol, j/k.

Caleb said...

HOORAY! so glad you are back to blogging. YOu have such a great and wonderful family, Can't wiat to hear more of your adventures.

Jerusha said...

Wow! What a year. Your family looks so good. Thanks for sharing!

Britt said...

Two thumbs up for catching up. Great family pic! I've canceled our family pic appointment four times now. You are one up on me. I did get around to updating my blog to...there's a time and a season fir everything I guess...

Nikki said...

I am SO HAPPY YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! And you have a boy!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! And I am so behind on reading my blog reader. This was almost a month ago you posted. :(

I need to catch up. If only I could kick this morning sickness...