Friday, February 20, 2009

Its a good thing North Dakota Doesn't impose the same laws as California or else poor little Isa could be arrested. This little girl is such a pre-teen!
Okay so I know what you are thinking......I crimped her hair. The answer is a big fat no I just braided it and yes I think it is soo cute! I took this pic while we had some friends over and were couch jumping so her hair is a little crazy but I wanted to show that my daughter can totally sport such an 80's trend! I was going to upload a video but stinking blogger is not making it easy so maybe next time! MMe: "Zoe come sit down so we can eat"
Zoe: "What are we eating momma?"
Me: "Roast"
Zoe: "I don't like Gross mom I don't like it! I don't want Gross"
Zoe: "Mommy can I have some apple juice"
Me: at the computer with my back to her "Not until you eat more of your lunch"
Zoe: "Mommy don't talk to me backwards! You have to look at me momma!"
Michael and I having a conversation (this is not just another word for arguement we really were just having a converstion)
Zoe: "Don't talk to Daddy like that momma. You have to be nice to daddy."
Me: "I am being nice to daddy we are just talking."
Zoe: "Mommy say sorry to daddy right now."


Kelsie Maher said...

zoe is getting sassier by the day. hahaha, i love it! Good luck with that!

Mitchell Family said...

SOOOO cute... I can't wait until I can actually do something with Savannas hair OTHER THAN pig tails! I am just grateful she has enough hair for me to do that!

Lori said...

isa's a doll, i love her belly in the walking video, she looks so different from zoe. halle loves to sleep in braids, too. zoe looks so pretty, i love her eyes!

The Schooley's said...

They do keep us humble eh? So cute!!