Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conversations with Zoe! Hilarious!!!

Me: Zoe come help mommy make some lunch.
Zoe: Mom I want "Girl" Cheese and tomato soup!
On a normal morning Zoe comes into my room around 7:30 and says "Mommy I wake up!". this morning I heard this. Her door fly open, the sound of the toilet lid being put up, the sound of a pull-up hitting the floor, the obvious following, her running and giggling back to her room, her dresser drawers being open and shut and her closet door opening and shutting. I finally went in to investigate. There I found my completely dressed child looking for her boots because in the words of Zoe "the suns out mom I'm all done sleeping"
Isa started crying because she was super tired so Zoe at the top of her lungs starts singing twinkle twinkly little star right next to Isa's sad little face.
Me: Zoe don't sing so loud in her face that's making her more sad.

Zoe: Mom, I'm singin to make sister happy. Don't cry Isa beeps!PS Isa no longer has a paci. Normally this would have happened long ago but the kid has been so sick I felt guilty taking it from her. We finally did it and it has definitely been harder for her than it was for Zoe but we are surviving!


Mitchell Family said...

cute cute girls! And nice Princess outfit. Bell is ones of Savys favorite! NGood job on the paci... we were surprised how easy it was taking it away from Savy but who knows what will happen with our next one!

The Schooley's said...

Tanner used to use TWO pacis. I made plenty a trip to Walmart at 2am cos I just couldn't take his crying anymore. I love the pictures of the girls. Is that a Belle dress Zoe has on?? Lve it!