Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thats right its April!!!

So we took this pic about a week ago in our front and back yard! I think it speaks for itself.
Luckily just a week later we took these pictures. Since the last ones we have had about a week straight of temperatures above freezing. YIPPEE!! We dug out all the outdoor toys, set them up on the porch and let the girls play. Since that day all I hear out of little Isa is "Side, side".
I still feel guilty letting her go out there for to long because we are still struggling to get her healthy. Here is a picture of her getting a treatment. The poor kid looks so pathetic.

One thing that never ceases to make me laugh are my copy cat girls. If one does something the other thinks is funny than they just do it over and over giggling all the way!
This last picture is a great one. It never fails that our kids poop in the tub. It has yet to happen to Mike. For some reason they always do it on my watch. I must be soooooo lucky!


Melissa said...

I am loving that the snow is finally melting here too! I love it!!!!

My address:
1914 E brundage Ln
Sheridan, WY 82801

I am excited to receive something in the mail. I need to get going on my homemade gifts! Enjoy the somewhat spring weather!

Karina said...

ha. did you feel like you are living in alaska or canada with all that snow? sucks to be you. it's 70 degrees here. :)

and what exactly is wrong with Isa? asthma? does she have allergies?

The Schooley's said...

I hated it when they poop in the tub. It is such a process to clean it all out & then get them cleaned up again!! Seriously want to jump on your snow covered tramp!!

Anonymous said...

I so did not need to see the picture of the tub. We have avoided that situation so far. Ugh. Wait until the girls are old enough and someone tells them that you posted that picture!!!

Julianne said...

Those snow pics are hilarious! And my kids have pooped in the tub numerous times. I think that was the first time that I threw up as a mom when I was not pregnant.