Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Okay so Mike is in the Elders Quorum presidency for church and they planned a ward activity that was a pinewood derby.
Mike "made" a pretty sweet car that he was sure was going to come in first. He must not have realized that Brother Jenks majored in pinewood derby in college! (The Jenks fam took 1st 2nd and 3rd). Mike "helped" (if you've seen down and derby you know what I mean) Zoe make her car with some last minute finshes by me. It was red hot and super fast, well at least fast enough that she thought it was cool.
I made one for Isa which I forgot to get a picture of it so if you look you can find it, but I basically sanded the corners a little painted it yellow and drew in black windows on the front and sides, thats right school bus style. It was a very intricate build that was completely areodynamic! The only person the bus lost to was the little girl who took first place! (Darn those Jenks kids) It was so much fun!
Mike made trophies to give away and I must say he did an excellent job!
All in all it made for a night of fun for everyone and I got such a kick watching the little kids cheer on their favorite car!


Meg and Terr said...

Pinewood derby races are the best. Welp mcgee it was fun to help out your state and hanging out with Justin is sometimes fun except for the most part he just texts and talks to his stupid (not stupid cuz she is dumb, stupid cuz she distracts him from hanging out) girlfriend.

Shelly said...

How fun. Of course you do all the cool stuff when we leave. HA HA!!!! Man we miss you guys

Jerusha said...

What a fun Party idea. I have 6 brothers and was always jealous that they got to make them every year and the girls never could.

Nay said...

What a great idea! I only did cubs for a month and wanted to to the derby! Oh well. I think its more fun to include the whole family. Your car ROCKS!

The Schooley's said...

So, why did he not plan this before we left?? He's fired. How fun though. Oh yeah, you need to watch out for those Jenks. They are mad scientists when it comes to pinewood derby cars!!